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To listin to KNR you can download our android app on our website or stream us online.

Incase you experience problems with streaming KNR online. Common problem met be slow connection, you will experience buffering or radio not palying at all. If you lose connection to the stream, you might need to refresh the page by pressing the refresh button on your browser. If you are using a slow connection such as a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, audio buffering or audio dropout may sometimes occur.

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Pastor Simphiwe Nojoko - Encounter With God

Encounter with God readers follow a systematic daily Bible reading schedule that will cover the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once in a five year cycle. Written for experienced Bible readers, daily comments focus on a thoughtful exposition of the Biblical text followed by suggested questions to help the reader apply insights from the reading to daily life.

Keith Radio Reach 4001 facebook likes in 4 weeks

Just after been lunched our Facebook page reached 4001 likes within 4 weeks. Thanks to those who liked our page. Continue to support and listen to radio according to you.


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