frequently asked questions

In the past I was always able to access the “Listen Live” feature. Now however, I am not. Why?Q
If you see a blank window appear when clicking on Listen Live, then your system is configured to block all ads from being served; thus you’re not able to access the feed. If this is the case, try bypassing the ad and going to the Listen Live page directly.
Can I listen to Keith Ngesi on my iphone/ipod touch?Q
Keith Ngesi FM Radio can be streamed on mobile devices using the Keith Ngesi Radio app. The app is available on Android devices.
Where can I find out more about upcoming programmes? Q
A calendar listing of our upcoming programmes can be found here. For more information on each individual programme, please go to the SCHEDULE tab.
How will we reach you? Q
Through online communication tools that can be accessed via internet – either on cellular phone, tablet or desktop computer.


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