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KNR is one of the vehicles to use to facilitate local and global awareness platforms. We have experience in radio and we can produce different story treatments for different stakeholders/audiences in record time. We also have experience in government communications – there is no toiling in putting together key messages. Business in general is at the peak of tremendous pressure in its efforts to make awareness on its offering and services. What remains is for each business no matter what the category, size or status, to continually separate itself from the rest through its unique public information sharing and communication experience that constantly says to the citizens “We are here for you”. In government for instance, service delivery projects seldom find their way to news – be it on print or electronic media. Government, in all spheres produces content daily but that still is not carried

Services we offer

Ad-hoc Broadcasts

Customised talk-shows

Advert production

Voice Over Artists

Municipal News Production

Provincial News Production


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