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    To listin to KNR you can download our android app on our website or stream us online.

    Incase you experience problems with streaming KNR online. Common problem met be slow connection, you will experience buffering or radio not palying at all. If you lose connection to the stream, you might need to refresh the page by pressing the refresh button on your browser. If you are using a slow connection such as a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, audio buffering or audio dropout may sometimes occur.

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  • Abulele Mrwatyana - Local and International News Analysis

    Join Abulele and Keith every Wednesdays on Matters Ongoing at 18H00 - 19H00


  • Keith Radio Reach 4001 facebook likes in 4 weeks

    Just after been lunched our Facebook page reached 4001 likes within 4 weeks. Thanks to those who liked our page. Continue to support and listen to radio according to you.




KNR was founded by Keith Ngesi in December 2015. A media and communication practitioner, he decided to use the available opportunity provided by the ever

Passion and experience


Traditional print and electronic media. Almost every 2nd person has a cellphone/tablet or access to it and that’s where your product would be found.

Our Pillars


This is a space where our listeners will be able to draw strength and courage from. Any show or talk around this pillar will leave you motivated. "Do it now, sometimes “later” becomes “never”


This is the anchor pillar of KNR, it all starts with God as the center of our being. Spiritual healing and guidance will be sourced under this pillar. Burdens are set to be lifted in this area. “Think less and pray more – keep your faith alive”

Current Affairs

People always want to know what is happening around them and this pillar will make sure that KNR is always on top of every story – prioritizing development and socio-economic news. "We follow newsmakers and trendsetters”


Entertainment is everywhere and people want to be entertained, people get entertained in various ways and @ KNR we have a diverse menu where you can satisfy yourself each time you’re invited to tune in. "We are about everything – entertainment!”


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