Who Are We?

Keith Ngesi Radio (KNR) is an online radio station that was established in 2016 in South Africa. The station is built upon four core pillars, namely spirituality, motivation, entertainment, and current affairs. KNR aims to provide its listeners with a comprehensive audio-visual experience by offering engaging and captivating content.

KNR places a significant emphasis on spirituality, aiming to provide a platform for individuals to explore and nurture their spiritual beliefs. Through impactful discussions, inspirational messages, and religious programming, KNR strives to be a source of spiritual guidance and support for its audience.

Motivation is another important pillar of KNR. The station aims to empower and uplift its listeners by sharing motivational stories, personal development insights, and success tips. Through interviews with inspiring individuals, self-help content, and educational programming, KNR aims to ignite the motivation within its audience.

In terms of entertainment, KNR offers a wide variety of engaging and enjoyable content to keep its listeners entertained. This includes music shows, talk shows, comedy segments, and interviews with notable personalities from various fields.

Lastly, KNR also values the importance of keeping its audience up to date with current affairs. The station covers a range of topics, including news, politics, social issues, and cultural events. By providing informative and insightful discussions, KNR aims to contribute to the public discourse on important matters.

Overall, Keith Ngesi Radio is an online audio-visual station that strives to provide compelling content to its listeners, with a focus on spirituality, motivation, entertainment, and current affairs.

Our Key Executive Team

Meet our Executive Team behind KNR

Keith Ngesi

Chief Executive Officer

Keith has over 20 years’ experience in radio and communications. He has worked for SABC’s Umhlobo Wenene Fm as Senior Producer and Presenter of a Current Affairs Show (Apha Naphaya). While with SABC he won an Excellence Award for being the best radio presenter in 2006. He has more than 8 years’ experience in communications.

Nolho Vitsha

Station Manager

Nolho brings to KNR her invaluable wealth of experience, having led as a partner in various business ventures in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape. She has served on a couple of boards as a Director including the Eden FM in George and above all else, she is a God-fearing Woman.

Our Pillars

Pillars of Keith Ngesi Radio


This is a space where our listeners will be able to draw strength and courage from. Any show or talk around this pillar will leave you motivated. “Do it now, sometimes “later” becomes “never”


Entertainment is everywhere and people want to be entertained, people get entertained in various ways and @ KNR we have a diverse menu where you can satisfy yourself each time you’re invited to tune in. “We are about everything – entertainment!”


This is the anchor pillar of KNR, it all starts with God as the center of our being. Spiritual healing and guidance will be sourced under this pillar. Burdens are set to be lifted in this area. “Think less and pray more – keep your faith alive”


People always want to know what is happening around them and this pillar will make sure that KNR is always on top of every story – prioritizing development and socio-economic news. “We follow newsmakers and trendsetters”

What make Keith Ngesi Radio Different?

What makes us stand out from the rest?


KNR’s Team are the right partners and professionals to bring out the best in your brand as well as ours. We are also the fastest growing online radio innovation in the country. KNR is meant to be a trendsetter and having a worldwide audience means that we have created a voice for the African Continent and created a platform for investors and contributors alike to come through and be part of the Radio According To You movement.


Traditional print and electronic media. Almost every 2nd person has a cellphone/tablet or access to it and that’s where your product would be found.